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Our core values are innovation and strong relationships.

Just as every building needs a foundation on which to lay brick and set steel, we’ve built our business on the strength of our relationships with some of the most talented and respected professionals in the field.  Approaching projects with creative programs for development, design, and operations for the benefit of our residents has proven to be our greatest asset.


In partnership with private sector investors, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations, The Arker Companies has created over 11,000 affordable housing units and nearly one million square feet of commercial office space, as well as restored and preserved thousands of affordable homes for public housing. The firm’s projects include single-family housing developments, medical office buildings, high-rise office towers and landscaped green space.

The professional praise and community awards that the Arker Companies has received on a wide-range of projects—from the construction of single-family housing developments, medical office buildings, and high-rise office towers to garden apartments, gut rehabilitated affordable housing, rehabs with residents in place, landscaped gardens, and numerous golf courses—attests to the firm’s place as a leader in high-quality real estate development.


Since 1949, The Arker Companies has built properties as solid as the bedrock New York stands on. Our projects include superior examples of modern architecture and engineering and historic landmarks.

The Arker Companies is a third-generation family business founded by Aron Arker, who arrived in New York in 1949 and began building affordable homes in Brooklyn and Staten Island for first-time homeowners. Aron would bring his sons Sol and Allan into the business, helping grow the company and its ability to build and preserve housing across the five boroughs.

Soon Alex and Daniel Moritz joined in creating a collective effort which has led to some of the most impactful work for New Yorkers seeking safe, clean and affordable housing throughout the NYC Metropolitan area.  Sol, who passed away in 2021, was a visionary housing advocate whose legacy lives on in the generational work of the Company improving the quality of life for residents and building homes across New York where families can grow with dignity and pride.

Our Team

Allan Arker


Alex Arker


Daniel Moritz


Simon Bacchus

Managing Director of Development

Beau Owen

Senior Vice President of Development

Robert Corso

President, Progressive Management

Richard Berman

Chief Operating Officer

Peter Petretti

Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer Kupfer

Senior Vice President of Accounting

Ruslan Tskhaurebau

Construction Project Executive

Anant Shah

Construction Project Executive

Rohan Godiawala

Construction Project Executive

Ilsoo Kim

Facility Director, Progressive Management

Jessica Guity Thompson

Senior Vice President of Operations, Progressive Management

Eva Seychell

Senior Director of Compliance & Quality Assurance, Progressive Management

Allan Arker


Since 1949, The Arker Companies have created properties built as solid as the bedrock New York stands on. Some are superior examples of architecture and engineering, others are historic landmarks. In the 21st century, we continue our tradition of creating unique and distinctive properties.